The Difference Between A Logo And A Brand

A lot of online businesses just have logos…not actual brands. 

One is a tool the other is a long-term asset.

Having a professional, well-put-together logo IS important, don’t get me wrong. Because having a poorly designed one, or a cheap one of Upwork or 99 designs is gonna make you look exactly like what you paid for: Cheap.

And so far, after years of doing this, I’ve had zero sales calls with folks who were looking to attract cheap clients. 

Here’s the thing, it’s perfectly fine if you had a small $2k-$3k budget when you were starting and getting serious on your business, but now that you’ve hit $20k, $35K, $50K+ revenue months, you’ve outgrown that old identity. And it shows. 

(Maybe not to you…but to your prospect? Damn straight it shows!)

Did you know that your prospect makes a gut-level, subconscious decision about if your brand is “trustworthy” or a “newb” in 1-2 seconds according to current data?

Businessman evaluating with checkboxes on online laptop computer. assessment survey online, choose correct answer in test, questions test, online exam, quiz knowledge, filling out an survey form.

But like I said above…the logo is a tool. The real, silent hard worker on your team is the Brand.

My client once said this to me, and she just nailed it: your brand is like an invisible person working on behalf of your business 24/7, relentlessly, spreading awareness, trust, and creating loyalty WITHOUT ever having to pay them.

I thought, “WOW! That’s a brilliant description. Just because you “can’t see” the brand strategy, doesn’t mean it’s not working on behalf of the brand.

A strong brand strategy, created uniquely for your business, for your offer, for your audience, will convert existing leads, future prospects, and past client’s like nobody’s business. 

That’s the exactly reason enormous companies you know and love like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon have been using these hidden-in-plain sight strategies for YEARS to create market domination.

It’s the same reason big online names like Ed Mylett, Alex Hormozi, and Leila Hormozi have been recently posting and exposing this strategy so people can actually get ahead with their businesses rather than stay stuck at the same level forever, or worse, riding that not very fun revenue roller coaster. 

The honest reality is branding is not important under $20k months, and I’ll be the first one to advocate you focus on dialing in your offers, marketing & sales at that stage.

But if you’re way past $20k, you might be missing out on the leverage that Branding creates for companies that are dying for a rebrand (and may not realize it.)

Again, if you’re interested in getting on a call with me to examine your exact branding pain points, just book using this link here


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