10 Reasons your Coach Sucks (and why you’re plateauing in your business but you’re in all the programs)

I’ve been doing this for 30 years!” is a typical phrase of people you can see on the streets calling themselves a marketing guru or an expert.

After years in the online space, I have seen the big howlers come and POOF be gone.

Whoops……were they fake?! 

I mean it took thousands of people to buy a “Secret 3 step framework to magic million dollar months” to finally believe “Wow it didn’t work for me….or him…..or her…..or him

At some point, the industry of coaches & consultants matures, just like any other new industry, and the fakes fall aside, 

The lazy marketing tactics swiped from a bajillion templates fail.

The 79 hours of course material from some guru from 2019 (now for absolutely free btw!!) with zero results.

The bazillion ways to own ChatGPT and make it print millions for you will still sound so vanilla AF.

The moment you adapt that kind of mindset, all you’re getting is fluff with no results. 

I’d hate that for you, so I wrote this blog to warn you and watch out for these signs:

1. Everything they teach starts with an “I did it X way…” or “I had that problem and I fixed it with my unique Y Framework.” If something doesn’t SCREAM “I am not qualified to teach it any other way than the singular path I took” I don’t know what else does. 

2. They answer EVERY question. Never admit fault. Never admit they are still unsure / still learning / still are a student. They won’t admit when something is out of their wheelhouse.

3. Not giving credit to other people — mentors or the folks within the group who taught THEM what they know.

4. When your Coach isn’t doing the Coaching/fulfillment, the rest of the team is the B-team. Everyone knows it. Everyone can feel it.

5. You haven’t made much progress in 1-2-3 years, but you keep staying in the container – b/c they “understand you” and “you’ve been with them for so long you feel this weird sense of loyalty.” 

Funny businessman rejecting to give interview to journalist. Stop sign. Man from recruitment management stopping interviewing lady, fraud, unhappy customer complaining, demanding compensation

6. It’s a revolving door if they have a recurring model. And they’re so affordable, you don’t even feel uncomfortable just leaving them on the good ole’ Amex monthly, but you still don’t try to come to the calls or do the work. 

7. They are generally agreeable with you and never PUSH or TRIGGER you. Listen…if you want somebody to pat you on the butt and give you a Swedish massage…have fun being coddled and going into bankruptcy.

8. They are still teaching 2019 tactics AS IF Social Media / Business / Facebook are the same as in its heyday. NOPE, it does not work the same tactically, and yes, some principles of marketing/sales/offers are timeless. MUST UNDERSTAND NUANCE. 

9. You don’t trust yourself enough to get out of your way. If you trust your coach MORE than you…Your coach has done a poor job of BUILDING you up WHILE challenging your self-limiting beliefs and identity. 

10. If you are never asked (and pried) to give REAL, constructive feedback rather than just fanboying and fangirling — you don’t have a coach. You have a Guru who wants their ass kissed.

If I were you and my so-called mentor were doing just one of the things listed above, I’d run as fast as I could without looking back. 
If that triggered you (because you know I was right!) – go back, read it again, and keep an eye out for these signs. 
Some of you overestimate the guru of the group and under-estimate the other folks in your mastermind
Leverage your community.
Choose people you learn from seriously.


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