Consistency tips that will drive your sales and revenue to the roof 

Bijal Patel launches the OWN YOUR BRAND podcast. Bijal kickstarted a podcast that will dive deeply into Branding, Messaging, Positioning, Vision, Identity, and how to turn your business into an actual brand that helps you scale to 7 and 8-figures. 

In Bijal’s words…

A Strong Brand Guidelines Will Shape How Your Prospects Look At Your Brand.

When you’re looking at somebody and you’re looking at a brand across all the different platforms, you’re looking at websites, reviews, and social media. You might go here or there to evaluate the kind of person that they are and the kind of presence that they built online. Just like what you do when looking for brands to invest in, your prospects do exactly the same things. They want to see who you are and want to know if you’re legit and if you’re the right person to trust. 

When I talk to people about what their problems might be when it comes to their branding, most of them would immediately say that something might be off with their colors, fonts, or everything related to their visuals. But when we go deeper into what brand consistency really is, we’ll start to see the cracks and misalignment within their brand messaging. What your brand guidelines do is ensure that your designer, social media, and brand managers stay consistent, and that consistency is what will leave an imprint to the minds of your audience about your brand. In 2023, visual imprint is everything and in order for your brand to get to the next level, you need to utilize it and make sure that your team is laser-focused on the things that will leave an undeniable authority within the marketplace.

Branding And Marketing Needs To Work Together

The first one is all about creating a consistent image to leave an imprint on your audience’s minds that will lead us to the second one, the messaging piece. 

What’s the messaging piece got to do with your brand consistency?


When you’re talking about brand messaging, it’s how you communicate what you do, what you stand for as a company, what impact you’re creating, and what experience your client gets the moment they sign up for your offer and process that you take them through the whole journey. There are 3 questions that you can use as a pillar that will thread your communication:

  1. How are you consistently communicating across your podcast, email, reels, and social media posts?
  2. How about your funnels, is it all underneath the brand messaging umbrella?
  3. Do you have a messaging matrix to help inform your clients? 

Having a pillar that will guide your communication and enable you to stay consistent with your messaging is not just a one-time thing. You have to do it again and again and again. As an entrepreneur, we get to sell different offers and do things differently every day but your prospects don’t want that. They don’t want you to sell an offer and change your mind the next day. People will want to know the one thing that you can consistently show up with because that will develop your authority within the market and that will build trust that will boost your sales and revenue. 

The Most Underrated Factor Of Brand Consistency

The last factor of brand consistency that most people might not notice is their brand’s Tone of Voice. Like what? This third piece is often overlooked because it’s hard to understand. So, here’s an example:

“Your Brand tone of voice is similar to when you’re talking to a child or you’re talking to your husband or your wife. Your Brand tone of voice is similar to when you’re talking to a child or you’re talking to, maybe, your husband or your wife. It is ‘HOW’ you say something versus ‘WHAT’ you say.”

When we talk about brand messaging, it’s about what you say, and the tone of voice is how to say it. Another example is:

“If you’re thinking about somebody famous like Oprah, she has a very loving, approachable, aspirational, and inspirational tone of voice. Now, if you contrast that to somebody like Leila Hormozi, she has a very direct, straightforward, almost masculine tone of voice because she’s unafraid and bold with her messages. Those are two different people. They both inspire, they both educate, and they both have followers who love who they are. “

Like these two amazing people, you must know which part of your tone of voice resonates with your prospects. Your ideal client enjoys a certain way that you’re talking because it brings them certain results that they want. Here’s a few questions to see how it works:

  1. What does your brand mean to the world?
  2. How does it connect with your ideal clients?
  3. How do your clients describe your brand?
  4. Who do you want to be?
  5. Who do you want your future version to be?

That’s all about the tone of voice that I can teach you about, and embodying this will get you so much more of the goal that you want to have and a consistent brand across all of your different media platforms and outlets that can help you increase your revenue and sales. 

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