Launch Content Conversion Workshop 2023

There is no such thing as ‘Build it and they will come.’” – Ray Krok

There’s no such thing as 10k / 50k / 100k followers overnight. 

There’s no such thing as superfans without building trust and reputation in the marketplace. 

There’s no such thing as organic traffic without months/years of building it. 

But you can do a little self-reflection of:

Who reads your content?

What kind of solution does your content offer?

What value do you give to your audience?

What is the number 1 pain point that you want to solve with your content?

Are you consistently putting yourself out there? If not, what’s holding you back?

The reality is that just because you have a great product/service doesn’t mean people will automatically find you and buy from you. You need to work to drive traffic to your social media pages and then be able to convert your followers into actual buying leads. You need to cultivate your social media pages and turn them into an actual lead-generating source.

So how can you do that?

So here are top 5 lessons that can help you create a converting content:

1. In a world where everyone is faking it to make it and social media only features highlight reels, the only way you can stand out is with your vulnerable stories. When you do that you evoke a deep, subconscious human emotion that allows you to connect with your audience’s pain points and tap into their desires that can prompt them to move in the direction that you want them to go.

2. In contrast to what you see a lot online about people sharing facts in the way of percentages or screenshots, the easiest way to sell is actually through a story. A story that can help them understand what you stand for and where you’re coming from as a person.

3. One of the hardest things for people who are actual experts at what they do is to outright celebrate their wins. This can make you feel ego-driven or braggadocious but in reality, it creates an environment that can get passed from you to other people to encourage them to share their wins too. People can be attracted to that energy and also know what value it is you can provide in the way of getting results.

4. Demonstrating expertise, can feel critical for people who are following you to see what your main differentiator is. Whether that’s free training, a PDF checklist, a video tutorial, or even a long-form post that showcases your unique way of thinking and solving problems, you can easily harness attention if you constantly show them that you’re the #1 authority in your industry.

5) Connecting at a deeper level, empathy, and compassion is what are the building blocks for trust. When you get the trust that your audience requires your brand to connect with you either to jump on a sales call, attend an event, or buy one of your products or programs, you’ll be able to convert your followers/audience easily.

Knowing a few of these lessons will help you get fully locked into your messaging and create content that hits your audience in a way that your audience will crave more.

Learn about my unique IP on how to easily create content for a year using my simple system and to make it authentic to you and fun!

Discover how to change your identity from a content creator to someone else which is exactly the real reason you aren’t putting consistent content out there.

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