3 Reasons Why You Subconsciously Think That Copying Someone’s Vision Is Better

Do not copy someone’s vision.

Do not copy someone’s mission.

Do not copy someone’s core values.

Do not copy someone’s lifestyle.

Do not copy someone.


And you will only end up becoming a second-rate, washed-out version of them when you try to “model” aka copy them.

Most people online can’t seem to discern MODEL vs copy, so if it’s not more than 50% different it’s too close to a carbon copy.

You only have ONE life to live.

Make it YOUR OWN.

Most of you don’t notice but, 

Just because you have a coach or admire some influencer does NOT mean you can co-create your identity with theirs. 

You can’t brand yourself (WELL) when your internal identity is even slightly misaligned (like even 5% and it throws the game off).

So why do most people think that copying someone’s vision on the internet is better?

  1. You haven’t fully locked in and loaded vision that you’re not able to communicate/verbalize. 
  2. Your vision is probably somewhere in your old drawer because it doesn’t resonate with you (I mean, where did you even copy it from?)
  3. You haven’t gotten deep into your story and who you are. 

But branding will pull deep, get real, and expose whatever is within you. 

Nobody ever openly discusses this, so now you know.

You’re not alone. 

Now that we have it covered, 

Warren Buffet said, 

“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special or it’s not going to get the business”

So for you to define your MAIN DIFFERENTIATOR and SECRET SAUCE, 

Let’s talk and define how you can develop your mission, vision, and core values: 

1) Self-reflect and go deep. Then when you get there go even deeper.

Find what makes you tick.

Find who you’re meant to be.

Find where you’re supposed to be on this planet.

Find that big vision you want to serve. 

Find the reason why you want to get up every day and verbalize it. 

2) Audit or get a paid audit from somebody (or we offer one)

You cannot read the label from inside the bottle.

If you want to build more AUTHORITY in your market, you must be willing to take an uncompromised, unbiased, and realistic look at your Branding and what image, message, and positioning you portray. 

3) Be authentically you. It might sound like a cliche, but it’s true.

The more you can step up and into what I call your “Empowered Voice” the more you will tap into your inner power and light.

That energy is magnetic and will warp everything around you in your favor.

So the lesson for today —

Be confident in your identity and know that you were put on this planet to serve a purpose. 

To make the impact.

The world needs more of YOUR UNIQUE SELF.


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