The Difference Between A Logo And A Brand

A lot of online businesses just have logos…not actual brands.  One is a tool the other is a long-term asset. Having a professional, well-put-together logo IS important, don’t get me wrong. Because having a poorly designed one, or a cheap one of Upwork or 99 designs is gonna make you look exactly like what you […]

Trifecta of Branding

Today, we’re serving up the Trifecta of Branding—packed with so much BEEF, you won’t want to miss it! Now, before you link it all to marketing, hold your horses. We’re going to break down these factors and see how it’s the real deal in defining your brand and taking your business to the next level. […]

The Urgency Of Branding In 2024

Let’s chat about brands—what are branding and why is it important in 2024 more than ever?  For me, my personal brand is a pivotal part of my business, but not in the way that your “branding gurus” might tell you.  Investing in branding is a smart move if you’re at 20k or 50k revenue a […]

Launch Content Conversion Workshop 2023

There is no such thing as ‘Build it and they will come.’” – Ray Krok There’s no such thing as 10k / 50k / 100k followers overnight.  There’s no such thing as superfans without building trust and reputation in the marketplace.  There’s no such thing as organic traffic without months/years of building it.  But you […]

Qualities of a Rookie, Amateur, & Pro

a weightlifter prepares to lift a weight

Key takeaways on self-development, mental growth, success, and business models in building a world-class brand in 4 years! Investing in your brand will not only cost you bucks but also your time and your desire to scale your business. Your WHY is extracted from deep within YOU.  You can’t just copy someone’s vision on the […]

3 Reasons Why You Subconsciously Think That Copying Someone’s Vision Is Better

Do not copy someone’s vision. Do not copy someone’s mission. Do not copy someone’s core values. Do not copy someone’s lifestyle. Do not copy someone. YOU ARE NOT THEM. And you will only end up becoming a second-rate, washed-out version of them when you try to “model” aka copy them. Most people online can’t seem […]

3 Ways For Your Business To Create A BIGGER Impact TODAY

Do you know the BIGGER PICTURE purpose of your business? Beyond cash flow, ROI, and sales? Many business owners say “Impact.” While we feel that and respect that, it’s simply not enough. You can see an article from Work It Daily about Why Purpose-Driven Brands Are Successful. Think about Tesla, Zoom, Google (insert links)…  People […]

Consistency tips that will drive your sales and revenue to the roof 

Bijal Patel launches the OWN YOUR BRAND podcast. Bijal kickstarted a podcast that will dive deeply into Branding, Messaging, Positioning, Vision, Identity, and how to turn your business into an actual brand that helps you scale to 7 and 8-figures.  In Bijal’s words… A Strong Brand Guidelines Will Shape How Your Prospects Look At Your […]